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 Classes for kids, adults, and families

Kids love capoeira!

Classes are high energy and challenging in a fun atmosphere. Students learn the basic capoeira kicks and dodges, as well as acrobatics like handstands and cartwheels. Kids will learn to play the traditional capoeira instruments; the berimbau, pandeiros, and atabaque. Beginning Portuguese vocabulary is incorporated into each class and students learn to sing capoeira music in Portuguese. This class emphasizes developing discipline and confidence as students learn challenging capoeira movements and have many opportunities to perform in front of their peers. Capoeira for kids emphasizes cooperation, spatial awareness and focuses on building basic physical skills and coordination. Capoeira for kids also helps build leadership, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Capoeira is great for adults!


Capoeira is challenging, and students can expect to be pretty tired - and even a little sore after their first class. But the challenge is part of what makes capoeira so exciting. Capoeira classes give students a full body workout. Challenging acrobatic movements develop balance and muscular strength. High kicks increase flexibility and fast paced classes provide excellent aerobic conditioning.


Best of all, classes are fun. Training capoeira is a great way to meet new people, challenge yourself, and learn first hand about Brazilian language, history, music, and culture. The best way to get to know more about capoeira is to try it!


Following warm-up, the majority of each class is spent in training capoeira movements individually and with partners. Music and language practice then accompany the application of capoeira movements in an open game called the "roda."


Capoeira training is great for students of all ages, but classes are specifically tailored to the needs of specific age groups. Dallas Capoeira offers classes designed for adults, youth, and kids no matter what your experience.

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